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USA Wrestling suspends sanctioned events and national events through May 10

March 30, 2020 – With unanimous support of the USA Wrestling COVID-19 Advisory Committee, USA Wrestling has suspended all sanctioned events and national events through May 10. 

This is an extension of a previous suspension of activities announced on March 16, which discontinued sanctioned events through April 6 and postponed or canceled national events through April 20.

For USA Wrestling, our number one priority is always the safety of our athletes and their families, all our members, our national staff and the entire U.S. wrestling community.

This decision aligns USA Wrestling with the U.S. Center for Disease Control’s guidance from March 16 that no gatherings of 50 or more people take place for the following eight weeks.

The USA Wrestling COVID-19 Advisory Committee includes Dr. Tom Price, a physician who is past U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services and past member of Congress; Dr. Bernard Feldman, UWW Medical Commission member and Hall of Fame wrestling physician; and John Bardis, past U.S. Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services, and a longtime USA Wrestling leader who has a successful career in the medical industry.

Also included on the COVID-19 Advisory Committee calls are USA Wrestling President Bruce Baumgartner, Executive Director Rich Bender and all of USA Wrestling’s staff directors, so they can communicate directly to their constituent groups.

In addition to the seven USA Wrestling National and Regional events postponed in March and April, three additional events have been postponed:

  • Northeast Regional Championships, Manalapan, N.J. – May 1-3, 2020
  • USA Wrestling Women’s National Championships, Irving, Texas – May 8 10, 2020
  • U.S. Beach and Belt National Championships, Carolina Beach, N.C.– May 8-9, 2020

There are many things that USA Wrestling members can do in the short term. USA Wrestling has launched, an expanded video portal, as well as a COVID-19 section on its website with other resources. Many state associations and clubs are having online practices. Many of USA Wrestling’s partner organizations are also providing programs and materials. In-home training, cross training and running are also great ideas as allowed by local government and health authorities.

USA Wrestling is monitoring this situation daily. Please understand that this situation is fluid, and there may be further changes to this and other USA Wrestling policies based on national and local government regulations and advice from medical experts, including the Center for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization, and USA Wrestling’s COVID-19 Advisory Committee. Additionally, USA Wrestling advises all of its members to refer to their state and local health agencies for guidance about the COVID-19 situation in their area.

USA Wrestling has been, and will continue to meet regularly with state leaders, National Team athletes and others to inform and support them, as well as receive their input.

USA Wrestling has pledged to increase its direct communication with its members moving forward, including opportunities to receive information directly from members of the COVID-19 Advisory Committee.

USA Wrestling is updating a page on its website solely devoted to COVID-19 at This page includes links to resources for the wrestling community, as well as lists of statements, press releases and articles that will update and educate all members about the COVID-19 pandemic.

USA Wrestling makes online National Coaches Education Program courses free to members

As a benefit to all current Wrestling Leader members, USA Wrestling has made the online Copper and Bronze Certification courses available for free through Sunday, April 5, 2020.

In order to access the course, members simply need to log into their account at and add the item to their cart. All courses are delivered immediately online once the member has completed the free purchase and are accessed through your MY COURSES tab. A tutorial video on how to add the Bronze and/or Copper Certification courses to your cart can be found here.    

Wrestling Leader members of USA Wrestling who have previously completed Bronze and/or Copper Certification courses are encouraged to repeat the course(s) for enrichment.  All completions will be tracked in real time through USA Wrestling’s membership system. Course materials for Bronze and Copper Certifications were updated in March 2015 and November 2017, respectively.

As part of the National Coaches Education Program (NCEP), the Copper Certification course is designed for coaches whose athletes are 12 years of age and younger, normally costs $50, and takes approximately 4 hours to complete.  The Bronze Certification course is designed for coaches whose athletes are 13 years of age and older, regularly costs $80, and takes approximately 6 hours to complete.

In addition to the Copper and Bronze Certification courses, USA Wrestling has the HEADS Up Concussion in Youth Sports available to anyone through its membership system.  This course, which was developed by the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), is aimed to keep children and teen athletes safe by helping coaches and parents recognize, respond to, and minimize the risk of concussion or other serious brain injury.

“Team USA Mobile Coach App”

Mike Clayton Head of USAW Coaches Education Programs has announced the way “USA Wrestling Members” can access this new free USA Wrestling App:
Step 1 
Go to the App Store: Download the free app searching for “Team USA Mobile Coach App” 
Step 2
Click the three dashes in the upper right to open the options menu and click “add account” (enter your USA Wrestling ID)
Add “USA Wrestling” 
(This app is provided by the USOPC’s Coach Education Office and includes both USOPC and True Sport accounts for free.)
Step 3
Enjoy great content! We’ll be adding more content often!
We feel this great new tool will help share valuable information and resources from USA Wrestling with our members.

National Team Coaches Interest Survey

USAW member coaches interested on coaching any VAWA Teams should complete the attached survey. Events are listed on the survey.

Wrestlers National Dual Team Interest Survey

Wrestlers interested in any of the VAWA Dual team events are invited to complete the survey on this link. Events will be listed on the survey.

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Folkstyle State Club Results

1 Scanlan Wrestling Academy 484  
2 Smith Mountain Lake Wrestling 459
3 Smithfield Wrestling 383.5
4 VATP 367.5
5 Virginia patriots 337
6 Virginia Elite 320.5
7 Powerhouse Wrestling Academy 320
8 NOVA Wrestling Club 312.5
9 Poquoson Athletic Association 306
10 Powhatan Youth Wrestling Club 279.5
1 Poquoson Athletic Association 50  
2 Powhatan Youth Wrestling Club 31
3 Front Royal Raptors 30
4 Smithfield Wrestling 26
5 Smith Mountain Lake Wrestling 25
1 Poquoson Athletic Association 84.5  
2 Smith Mountain Lake Wrestling 82.5
3 Guerrilla Wrestling 65.5
4 Virginia Elite 63
5 Hanover Hawkeye Wrestling 40
1 Scanlan Wrestling Academy 100  
2 Poquoson Athletic Association 89
3 Bandits 87.5
4 OutKast Wrestling Inc 69
5 River City Wrestling 69
1 Scanlan Wrestling Academy 121  
2 Mat Sharks 92.5
3 Team Cobra Wrestling 84.5
4 Virginia Elite 81
5 Eastern Loudoun 78
1 Virginia patriots 198.5  
2 VATP 147.5
3 Smith Mountain Lake Wrestling 130.5
4 Smithfield Wrestling 113.5
5 Powerhouse Wrestling Academy 111
1 VATP 139  
2 Powerhouse Wrestling Academy 109
3 Virginia Wrestling Academy 105.5
4 Smith Mountain Lake Wrestling 103.5
5 Scanlan Wrestling Academy


1 Scanlan Wrestling Academy 96
2 NOVA WC 86
3 Hanover Wrestling Club 70
4 Hornet Wrestling Club



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