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VAWA STATE FS/GR Championships

Please note the schedule changes in times below

Greco-Roman and Freestyle State Championships

Qualifier for ALL VAWA National Teams


Registration Link along with all Fargo Team documents are at the bottom after you read the entire event schedule

May 7,8, 2022
Wrestlers must have a full USAW Membership, not a Limited Folkstyle, to participate in this event
Riverbend High School, 12301 Spotswood Furnace Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22407
Late registration only ($50) on site Friday 6-7pm and Saturday 5-6 pm. No day of late registrations.

Scratch weight: Cadet Girls/Junior Girls Combined, Girl 14 and Under will be actual weight and Madison Group , 16U (Cadet)(Born 2006-07) and Junior Boys Divisions (9/1/2002 and after). 14U (Born 2008-09), (12U Born 2010-11), 10U, (Born 2012-13), 8U (Born 2014-15)

 All competitors will weigh-in in a singlet.

Event. The top 2 place finishers from any Boys 16U-Cadet/Junior Regional qualify for Fargo along with Girls Cadet and Juniors. This is also the Qualifier for the  Schoolboy (13-14) Cadet (15-16) Junior  (9-12 Grades) USAW National Duals Tournament .First place qualifies for the Dual teams. If first does not attend then 2nd place has the choice and so on through the placement of each weight class. If you cannot make the tournament and wish to petition on to one of the teams, you must have a written petition on file with the State Chairman accompanied by a check in a non refundable $100 check prior to the tournament. Girls attending the National Event in Texas during this tournament need only to write the Executive Director (Jack Harcourt). Do not bother petitioning unless you have a valid reason. (Example: a debilitating injury and has past National Team Experience) Wild Card applications (wrestlers who finish 3rd or 4th) can be completed by competitors who competed in the state championships.  You can qualify for for the National Teams through any USAW Regional Championships.
All Women, 16U-Cadets and Juniors intending on competing for the VAWA National Team at the Women/Cadet/Junior National Championships in Fargo, ND must pay a $100 deposit. The Junior, Cadet (16u) and Schoolboys (14U) Duals Teams must pay a $100 deposit.
Deadline for all Dual Team and Fargo Team deposits will be Saturday May 15th.
This is necessary for everyone to make all travel plans
CHECKS: Make payable to “VAWA”, 3449 Robinson Rd. Va Beach, Va 23456
ENTRY FEES: COST: $40 for Freestyle and $30 for Greco if pre-registered at  by 8pm, Thursday, May 5th. Late registration at the door cost is $50 for either style. Friday late registration for Saturday wrestling and Saturday evening weigh ins late registration for Sunday wrestling.
Make checks payable to VAWA.  Each competitor must also have a current USA Wrestling Card (Full Membership) and must present it to weigh-in and compete.
DAILY ADMISSION: $10.00 Adults $5 Students per day for the weekend.  Coaches with current USAW Leader Card is free covering both days. Coaches must present a current USAW Leader Card to get a floor pass.  Tickets at the door will have a $5 increase for Adults and Students, not coaches
Junior - You must be enrolled in grades 9 thru 12 and be a resident of Virginia.  Born 9/1/2002 - and after
16U - Cadet– You must be have been born in 2006-07 and be a resident of Virginia.
Kids (14 and Under) – Ages and weights; 14U=Born 2008-09, 12U=Born 2010-11, 10U=Born 2012-13, 8U=Born 2014-15.  Link to the age and divisions group locate at the top of this page (Girls weight classes and ages will be grouped by using the Madison system based on registrations)
Friday May 6th
6-7pm. - Weigh ins for all Girls Freestyle and All Boys Greco and Boys Freestyle 8U-14U . (this means if you are wrestling Cadet or Junior Freestyle only you weigh in Saturday night)Junior and Cadet Boys wrestling Greco can use their weigh in for Freestyle Sunday. They wrestle must complete Greco and not withdraw during the Greco event. Late registration at this time only ($50). No day of late registration.
Saturday May 7th (Boys Greco, Boys Freestyle 8-14U only and Girls Freestyle)
Please note the time adjustments for Saturday
8:00 - 8:30 am  7:30-8 am Last minute 8-14U Freestyle and all Greco weigh-ins  and Girls Freestyle. 
9:00 am8:00 am Gym opens for Women and all wrestlers under 14
Session #1
10:00 am 9:00 am Freestyle Wrestling 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, All Girls Freestyle 

1:00-12:00-3:00 PM  - Greco for 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U

Session #2
3:00 2:00 PM- Door opens for Cadet and Junior Boys Greco and last minute weigh ins. Must be on weight at this weigh in. Brackets will already be set at this time. Bracket changes at this time will be $50!
3:00 pm until completed - Greco for Cadet and Junior Boys
6:00-7:00 PM - Weigh ins for Boys Freestyle Only (Cadet and Junior) and late registration ($50)
(Greco weigh ins count for Freestyle also. If you withdraw from the Greco Tournament you must weigh-in again for the Freestyle Tournament unless cleared by the tournament medical staff).
Sunday May 8th (Cadet Junior Freestyle)
8:00-8:30 7:30-8 am Last Minute Freestyle weigh-ins Junior and 16U (Cadet). 
8:00am Gym Opens for Freestyle Cadets and spectators only
Session #3
10:00- 9:00 -1:00 pm– Freestyle for 16U (Cadet)
Session #4
12:00pm - Building opens for Junior Freestyle and last minute Junior weigh ins. Must be on weight at this weigh in. Brackets will already be set at this time. Bracket changes at this time will be $50!
1:00 pm - Junior Freestyle Until Completed
1. Medals to the top three places.
2. Outstanding Wrestler Award (each style)
3. Joe Pyanoe Sportsmanship Award (each style)
4. Club Championship Banner Awards:
  • Mens Overall Freestyle Club Champions and Club Runner-Up
  • Mens Overall Greco Club Champions and Club Runner-Up
  • Womens Overall Freestyle Club Champions

5. Additional Banners for States: 

  • Women's Junior/Cadet Club Champions, 
  • Women's Middle School Club Champions, 
  • Women's Elementary Club Champions


  • Kids Freestyle/Greco Overall Club Champions (ages 8-12)
  • 14U Freestyle Club Champions, 
  • 14U Greco Club Champions, 
  • 16U Freestyle Club Champions
  • 16U Greco Club Champions, 
  • Junior Freestyle Club Champions, 
  • Junior Greco Club Champions.
Executive Director: Christian Olanowski, 757-613-0161,  
Junior Director: Donald Motley - 757-752-3588 ,
Cadet Director: Mark Fontana-  201-233-3460, 
Kids Director: Matt Keel- 540-303-1280,
Wrestlers should have a red and a blue singlet, but is not a requirement.
MEDICAL FORMS: You must have a "VAWA/VHSL Medical Form” filled out for any skin condition.
WEIGHTS: Scratch Weight for all divisions and weight classes
 All competitors will weigh-in in a singlet.
 (Girls 14U and below, will be group using the Madison System)
Late registration only ($50) on site Friday 6-7pm and Saturday 5-6 pm. No day of late registrations.