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2020 14U Schoolboy/Girls Duals Team Information

Team VA 14U FS/GR National Dual Team

Team Goals: 
  1. Field a highly competitive national level dual team. 
  2. Win dual meets.  
  3. Prepare Virginia’s best 14U wrestlers for national competition.
  4. Represent Virginia with character, sportsmanship, and integrity.
  1. Fill every weight class with a reliable wrestler with FR/GR experience
  2. Select the best wrestler that applied based on the most recent FR/GR results
  3. Install a training plan to prepare each wrestler for national competition in June
2020 14U duals application/interest survey link here.
Why Participate: This is one of the toughest 14U events in the nation. Your wrestler has the opportunity to wrestle in up to 18 matches, so there is tremendous bang for the buck. Competing in this event is a critical first step to gaining national recognition and credibility.
Tournament Details
Event: USAW 14U GR/FS National Duals
Date: June 10-14, 2020. Travel time included. 
Location: Franklin Community HS, 2600 Cumberland Dr, Franklin, IN. 46131
Eligibility: 14U (Formerly Schoolboys/girls) are wrestlers born 2006-2007. 14U weight classes are: 71, 77, 83, 87, 90, 97, 102,  106, 110, 114, 119, 125, 130, 136, 149, 152, 165, 187, 250. No weight allowance.
Weigh-ins: Wednesday, June 10th, 7:30-7:50 PM
All wrestlers must weigh together as a team, each in a VAWA singlet. We will conduct one practice at the venue prior to weigh-ins, however, each wrestler is expected to be on-weight when boarding VAWA transportation. Each wrestler must wrestle two Greco matches in order for the weigh-in to count for Freestyle competition.  
Trip Details
Transportation: The VAWA Team Leader will develop a transportation plan that includes parent carpooling and rental vans driven by VAWA coaches as needed. Wrestlers who need transportation assistance may be transported by VAWA coaches or other carpooling families.
Lodging: All team members are required to stay at the VAWA designated hotel. Accompanying parents have the option of lodging their wrestler with other wrestlers in a team room, reserving a room for themselves, or reserving a room for themselves and their wrestler.
- VAWA will reserve hotel rooms for wrestlers, coaches, and staff as needed. Wrestlers will be assigned 4 to a room.  Wrestlers staying with parents will receive a reduced Team Fee.
- VAWA will also reserve limited hotel rooms for parents and provide parents appropriate reservation information, including the cut-off date for the reservation.
- Parents are encouraged to notify the Team Leader of lodging plans to be included in the transportation plan when completing the application process.
Meals: Registration fees do NOT include meals. Breakfast is free at the hotel. Lunch and Dinner options are available at the venue or hotel.  We want this to be a family affair for this age group. We are looking for volunteers from parents that plan to attend to assist in getting items to eat for the team, making sandwiches, bringing in coolers of water, and other associated tasks.  Additionally:  Each wrestler will be asked to pay a fixed cost to cover a meal plan to be determined at a later date.
Extra Costs:  Wrestlers should bring cash to cover personal expenses for non-team meals at the event and during travel, self-purchased snacks, and entertainment. 
Training Expectations
Club Training: 
Practice at least 2-3 times per week with a credible GR/FS club with quality partners
National Team Training: 
ODP Training at Top of the Podium May 17 or at St. Christopher May 17
14U National Team Training Camp at Top of the Podium June 5, 6, & 7
VAWA State Tournament - Both FR and GR - May 8-9
Northeast Regional Championships - Both FR and GR - May 1-3
Southeast Regional Championships - Both FR and GR - May 22-24
Team Fee: $350/$250/$150Deposit:  $150
Team members must pay a non-refundable deposit by May 15th.
This covers gear package, entry fee for both events, van/fuel, and hotel (rooms split up 4 wrestlers to a room). If you received a VAWA uniform during the winter (red singlet, shorts, 1/4 zip-$100 discount) or if your wrestler is staying in a parent hotel room you receive a $100 reduced rate.
Gear- VAWA will provide a gear package (2 singlets, 2 shirts, shorts, & 1/4 Zip Top) to each team member.  Ordering will be based upon manufacturer sizing charts - no parent action is required. The blue and red singlet design is identical for all 2020 VAWA National Teams. 
Payment Options: 
  1. Use the link to pay online
  2. Hand deliver payment at the VAWA FR/GR state championship
  3. Mail payment (made out to VAWA):
Attn: Jack Harcourt
3449 Robinson Rd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
Team Process
Team Selection
The goal of the VAWA staff is to field the most competitive dual team possible.  Wrestlers have the opportunity to earn their spot in the lineup. Selection criteria will be used to determine the lineup for weight classes that do not have an Earned Starter.
Early Application Deadline May 9th
  1. Compete at VAWA States May 8th-9th
  2. Use THIS LINK and complete the entire application
  3. Pay Deposit
  4. Email/Text a copy of the USAW Athlete Membership Card to Coach Keel HERE
  5. Email/Deliver a complete USAW Medical Consent Waiver Form to Coach Keel HERE
Earned Starter: 
  1. Compete at VAWA FS/GR State Championship at the same weight you commit to for the dual team
  2. Place first in the freestyle session
  3. Place top 4 in the greco-roman session
  4. No unsportsmanlike conduct (or similar) penalties during any 2020 FR/GR competition
  5. Commitment to wrestle both greco and freestyle at the National Duals
  6. Complete every step of the application process on or before May 9th
  7. Pay the $150 non-refundable deposit on or before May 15th
Selection Criteria: 
Any weight class that does not have an Earned Starter will be filled at the coach’s discretion as soon as possible.  Criteria considered during the selection process may include:
  • VAWA State Tournament freestyle and greco finish
  • Northeast Regional tournament freestyle and greco top 4 finish
  • 2020 head-to-head results at other freestyle tournaments
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct (or similar) penalties during FR/GR competition
  • Attendance at ODP training or tournaments leading up to the state tournament
Locking-in the Roster: Earned Starter positions will be determined on May 9th and announced on May 15th or sooner (once all deposits are paid).  Selected Starters and Alternates will be announced on an ongoing basis from May 9th until May 18th. You must pay the deposit to be selected for the 2020 14U Team VA National Dual Team.  Following May 18th, open-weights will be aggressively recruited and filled on a first-come first-served basis.
Use of Alternates: Alternates are possible.  Coaches will ensure that alternates get an equitable experience.  Starters will not be asked to split "starts" with an alternate. Instead, a coach will organize an equitable number of non-dual matches for alternates  and alternates will "start" in duals when the Primary is injured/ill or requests a break (which is not uncommon). GR Alternates will "start" in two GR duals so that their GR weigh-in counts for FS. The coaching staff has experience supporting Alternates, and it is unlikely that Alternate wrestlers will be disappointed in their experience.
Coaching Staff: 
Matt Keel - Head Coach of Chantilly HS and formerly at Skyline HS. Matt is a Bronze Certified USAW Coach, Director of Tech Squad Freestyle Club, and is also a member of the VAWA National Team Staff
Kurt McHenry
Team Leader: 
Matt Keel will be responsible for all Administration & Logistics.
Phone: 540-RES-TLER