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2020 Men/Women, 16U-Cadet & Junior Nationals (Fargo)

USAW Fargo National Teams-Men/Womens Juniors, 16U-Cadet Championships

Fargo, ND - July 17-24
Boys 16U (formerly Cadet) and Junior will go as a team and competing in both Freestyle and Greco.  Boys can select Freestyle or both. The number of teams sots are listed below. Women will also go for the duration of Cadets and Juniors. Cadet Women will wrestle both cadet and Junior. Junior Women will have additional training while in Fargo to prepare for the Championships. 
Place top 2 in a weight class or place top 4 at Northeast or Southeast Regionals. To qualify for both styles a wrestler must place in both styles at the state tournament. The wrestler must place Top 2 in one and top 4 in the other style to qualify for both styles. Wrestlers can petition for a Wildcard position by placing 3rd or 4th. Wildcard applications must be submitted the day of the tournament.
Expectations: Attend a min of 3 of the following:
  1. ODP Sessions (multiple dates and sites)
  2. Northeast Regions
  3. Southeast Regions
  4. Attend Training Camp at UVA Prior to Fargo
Financial Breakdown
Wrestlers and Families have the opportunity to travel in the VAWA group or obtaining their own transportation. The fluctuation in prices below are a result of different travel dates and United airfares on days that are busier than. All fees below include gear, entry fee to FS and/or GR tournament, Fargo local transportation as needed, hotel (with breakfast only), training camp (room & meals), coaching. VAWA Coordinated booking space with United Air are first come first serve with a non-refundable deposits of $500. Wrestlers who qualify, but do not lock in the slots below, can still go to Fargo but they must obtain their own travel.
  1. Wrestlers only doing Freestyle Only
    1. Cadet Freestyle only: $1225 (7/16-21) For VAWA booked travel (Only 10 Slots + 1 coach available)
    2. Junior Freestyle only $1300 (7/17-22) For VAWA booked travel for (Only 11 Slots + 1 coach available)
    3. Junior or Cadet $1010 both FS & GR (for 8 nights) Obtain own transportation.
    4. Junior or Cadet $825 either FS or GR (5 nights). Obtain own Transportation.
  2. Wrestlers doing both Styles Costs
    1. Junior FS/GR: (7/17-25) = $1485. Includes tournament entry, hotel, training camp, coaching and transportation for (14 + 1 coach slots available)
    2. Cadet FS/GR: (7/16-24) = $1565. Includes tournament entry, hotel, training camp, coaching and transportation for (17 slots + 2 coaches available)
  3. Women’s Team Costs
    1. Cadet and Juniors (7/17-7/23) $1450 = Includes tournament entry, hotel, training camp, coaching and transportation for 14 wrestlers
Meals: Meals are provided at training camp, along with breakfast at the hotel. There are multiple places to eat
next to the hotel along with a grocery store so wrestlers can obtain items to have in the room. Each room in the
hotel has a refrigerator. There will also be a team van to take athletes as needed to obtain any necessity
required during the event
Luggage: Due to the requirements of United Airlines, team members must be prepared to pay for luggage fees
at the ticketing gate for United departing and returning.
Laundry: Wrestlers will be afforded the opportunity to take clothing to the laundromat during the event if needed.
First deposit will be due Saturday May 14th for $500
Team Fee Includes: Certified National team Coaching, training camp at University of Virginia (3 Days-2  nights in dorm, meals in dining hall) Transportation to and from Fargo, Lodging and breakfast in Fargo (lunch and dinner not covered), Ground transportation in Fargo, Tournament entry fee, Gear package (2 Nike singlets, 1 Short Sleeve , sublimated shorts,  ¼ zip) 

2020 Team VAWA Training Experience/Incentives/Discounts

Wrestlers will have multiple opportunities to reduce the cost of being part of Team VAWA. All Team members must attend at least one ODP Training session.

1- $150 - Returning All-American
2- $50 - 2020 Champions at VAWA Freestyle/Greco States ($75 both styles winning both)
3- $100 - Winning One Northeast and/or Southeast Regionals; $150 for winning both FS and GR at one event in 2020
4- $50 - Place top 2nd-4th at Northeast and or Southeast Regionals in 2020
5- $50  Per event-Train and work as a Freestyle/Greco Official at VAWA events and scrimmages. Approval of performance to be verified by the head official. During 2020
6- $50 Off for attending 3 or more ODP Scheduled Clinics
7- $100 Winning 2020 UWW Cadet Nationals, $50 for placing 1-6